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What We Believe In

Learning Through Interest

  • Interest-based projects



  • Senior internships



  • Leaving To Learn days weekly

One student at a time

  • Personalized learning programs

  • Holistic teaching

  • One on one classes

Your voice matters

  • Everyone's opinion matters

  • Time is made for student voices to be heard

  • Public speaking 

Mutual respect

  • Advisors respect students



  • In turn, students respect advisors 



  • Democratic leadership

We are a family

  • Open door policy

  • Weekly advisory meetings

  • Issues dealt with as a school 

  • Big Picture Family 

Physical health

  • Exercise daily

  • Healthy food is a must

  • Farm to table cafe

  • In depth health classes


  • We do community service


  • We work with mentors in the community


  • Partake in innitiatives around the island

Training for life not school

  • Internship programs

  • Real world learning

  • Critical and creative thinking classes

  • Public speaking

  • Project based learning

Authentic Assessment 

  • In-depth feedback 


  • Detailed report



  • No competition for grades



  • Project-based work

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