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BTBE Learning Design 

During the summer advisors/ teachers meet to plan how best to implement the curriculum in the upcoming year. They formulate the best ways to engage students in real world learning wherever possible, plan Leaving To Learns (LTLs), pull as many subjects and topics together as possible and plan project work and authentic assessments for the year.


In week one students come in and start doing many versions of review and assessment, throughout weeks one and two advisors/ teachers gauge where each of them is academically, find out what their personal interests and learning styles are and start to formulate personalised learning plans for each of them. Parents are then brought in to meet with advisors/ teachers and the student to solidify the plan for the year.


Each student also chooses a Learning Through Interest (LTI) project for the term based on any area that they wish to explore. They are in charge of putting together and producing it with the help of their advisors and mentors from within the community. 

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