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Learning Through Interest/Internship

Learning Through Interest (LTI) is exactly what it sounds like. Our students are given opportunities each term to dive into a topic that they find engaging and explore it. At the end of the term we host an exhibition so that each student can showcase what they have learned. 


Students are given support for these projects from their advisors, mentors and parents.


Juniors and Lower Seniors

Junior LTI projects are given more support than senior projects, both at home and at school, but students are still expected to put their personal best effort into them. 


Where they do not work with a specific mentor in the community as an intern they still rely on members in the community who have knowledge about their topic area and can give them first-hand exposure.


Upper Seniors and Graduates

Seniors work in internship programmes each school term that coincide with the LTI projects they have chosen. They are expected to work closely with a mentor in their chosen field and create a good working relationship where they learn from their mentor and in turn, offer them a service. 



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