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Big Picture Learning 

The Big Picture Learning model was created in Rhode Island U.S.A. over 20 years ago and now has over 100 network schools spread around the world in places such as Australia, Italy, The Netherlands and now even Barbados. It was created with the vision of having each student at the centre of their learning. WIth authentic assessment and real-world learning engaging students and helping them grow. 


The Big Picture model has been supported by respected people such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama, who recognise the importance in inspiring young people to want to learn and giving them the opportunity to do so as individuals not part of a system.



In the Big Picture model, each student is part of an advisory, a group of 10-15 students that are lead by an advisor (teacher). Advisors help students realise their interests and help them to explore them through real-world learning experiences. Seniors are matched with mentors in the working world that they work with and learn from each term.

At the end of each term students create Learning Through Interest (LTI) projects that they present to their peers, advisors, mentors, parents and other members of the community that showcase their individual interests and learning processes. 

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