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Authentic Assessment 

How do we assess our students? 

Project work

Through LTI  projects students have the ability to show us what they are capable of and in turn, we are able to completely assess these capabilities. The feedback they get from their LTI presentations is crucial and gives them and us the "full picture". 

Students also work on smaller projects throughout the year that utilise a number of other skills like critical thinking, creative thinking, teamwork and public speaking.


No assignment or assessment is complete without receiving detailed feedback from advisors. Larger bodies of work are given written feedback that is stored in a portfolio of work. 


Our students build portfolios of work throughout their school life that documents all major bodies of work they have done. It showcases their strengths and weaknesses and also gives them a point of reference when they are looking at their own progress. 


Each term students receive transparent and honest reports that list what topics they have covered, the progress that they have made, areas of weakness and any additional information that they and their parents should have. At the end of each school year, an even more in-depth report is sent out making reference to all of the projections and goals made at the beginning of the year in their individual programmes.


Student's grades and academic achievements are compared to no one else's other than their own. 







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